my main fetish was spanking for so long. now i’m frustrating myself with a whole new set of abdl flakes and fake players. :(

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totes adorbs!

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so slim. i hate him.

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papá dijo que era malo para conseguir una erección.

solo papá puede tener erecciones.

daddy said i was bad for getting an erections. 

only daddy can have erections.


I had to make another with more ice and my wiener was tiny and red and frozen. ugh.

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off to the homecoming game!
don’t look at my titties!

Robert knew his younger cousin was a bully. He didn’t think his cousin would overpower him and strip him as soon as his parents left!After being stripped totally naked, Robert’s cousin dressed him in his new outfit for the weekend - Hanes ‘tighty whities’ and white crew socks, just like “a little boy would wear.” Now Robert struggles as he watches his cousin take scissors to all of his remaining boxers. Did he just hear his cousin say something about diapers and a pacifier?

Hehe I was laying on mah bed waiting for da Bf to get out da bathroom, figured I’d take a selfie :P



ATN’s (All Through the Nights) are a great diaper, there plain white canvas makes them easy to decorate and turn into a big boy pampers. But like all diapers they eventually do need to be changed. Enjoy!

You really need someone to help you change your diaper!

daddy daddy i saw that boys wiener.

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